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Will you be swearing this weekend?

There is such a lot going on this coming weekend, I'm worried that, in all the excitement, some people might forget to book their Pilates class and end up jolly annoyed at missing out.

So, to avoid any cursing, I thought I would offer a quick summary of the most important activities...

Thu 4 May - your choice of online Pilates classes (morning or evening)

Fri 5 May - time to prepare yourself for the big day tomorrow; perhaps a recorded Pilates class from Thursday might help you keep your excitement under control?

Sat 6 May - quick look at the TV and then an opportunity to swear allegiance to Pilates by booking your class for Sunday or Monday

Sun 7 May - online Pilates in the morning

Mon 8 May (Bank Holiday) - online Pilates in the afternoon

And that's how to survive the weekend without uttering so much as a cross word.

For more details and to book a class, go to the online classes page of my website.

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