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about me

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My first experience of Pilates came about by accident. Years of sitting at a computer had resulted in me needing regular trips to the osteopath. The short-term fixes helped - for a while - but the pain always came back. Then a friend recommended a physiotherapist who taught me some exercises that I only subsequently discovered were Pilates. The more I did, the better I felt until one day I realised that the pain had gone. Determined to keep it away, I carried on with Pilates and found it dealt with all the other aches and pains I had (wrongly) assumed were an inevitable consequence of getting older.

Fast-forward several years: I decided to become a Pilates teacher, in order to help other people in the same way that the physiotherapist had helped me. I completed a rigorous 2-year comprehensive teacher training programme with the highly-respected Anne-Marie Zulkahari and graduated with the Pilates Foundation UK.


I am fully qualified to teach both Pilates matwork and equipment classes.  Using carefully-selected Pilates exercises, I help people to improve their posture, reduce back pain, recover from injury or surgery and to deal with many musculo-skeletal issues.

I believe Pilates is an ideal way for anyone to keep fit, supple, strong and prevent injury.  My classes promote alignment and elongation, working to strengthen the body without building bulky muscles. 

I welcome working with any client - no matter how stiff, weak, flexible or strong.  Above all, I believe that Pilates should be enjoyable and try to ensure that people find it a positive, enlightening experience and are left with a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

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