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Winter is coming

Now that the summer solstice is finally out of the way, we can at last look forward to the coming of autumn and winter. As the evenings start to draw in, and the current heatwave becomes just a fevered memory, you can content yourself with the thought that soon it will be Christmas.

For now, while the hot weather in the UK persists, my Pilates classes include more emphasis on stretching and subtle challenges to the core muscles without generating too much heat. So why not avoid the sun by staying indoors and doing a lovely, relaxed, cooling online Pilates class with me?

The joy of doing Pilates at home is that you can wear what you like (turning the camera off is always an option!), you don't have to travel to the class and, if you do get too hot, you can stand in front of your refrigerator afterwards. Also, don't forget that my online classes are available as recordings, so you have the option to do the class at a cooler time of day if you wish.

Soon the summer will be a distant memory and we can get back to the single leg stretches, teasers and Hundreds that we all know and love. But, before then, I would be delighted to see you at one of the following chilled-out summer-appropriate classes:

Sunday 09:30-10:45

Monday 15:00-16:00

Thursday 08:45-10:00

Thursday 17:00-18:00

For more details and to book a class, go to the online classes page of my website.

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