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  • Charles Abbott

We're all going on a...

I know that many people have been nervous about making holiday plans this year. Understandably so, since extreme weather, transport strikes, rampant inflation and a devalued currency would be enough to make even Marco Polo check the weather forecast and decide to stay in and watch The Bear on Disney+ instead. But I'm here to tell you: none of that matters. You can safely disregard any holiday angst because, this summer, you really can't lose. I'll explain why. As far as I can see, it all boils down to making one simple choice: to stay at home or to go away. With me so far? Here's where the good news starts. If you decide to stay at home, you'll be pleased to hear that I'm not going anywhere. Your favourite Pilates classes continue to be available throughout the summer as usual. Whereas if you choose to go on holiday...I'm still not going anywhere, so you can join a Pilates class online from any far-flung location you wish. So it's a win-win! All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, tablet or phone to do Pilates from wherever you are in the world. With people attending recent classes from Iceland, Finland (ok, technically that was one person moving around), France, the USA, Ibiza and the Caribbean, I feel like I've vicariously travelled the world already this year. But I'm resolutely staying home, so you don't have to. You're welcome. I would be delighted to see you (from anywhere) at one of my online classes. For full details, and to book, see the online classes page of my website.

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