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The science of happiness

Some years ago, a UK travel company issued a press release publicising "the most depressing day of the year". In an attempt to name the third Monday of January "Blue Monday", they created a highly dubious formula which used various factors including the weather, debt, time since Christmas, etc. Here at Charles Abbott Pilates we don't fall for such meaningless pseudoscience. It was all just a ploy to convince people to book a holiday. The fact is, the best way to increase your happiness is to boost your levels of Vitamin P. The latest scientific research shows that high levels of Vitamin P are strongly associated with feelings of optimism, wellbeing and joy. Vitamin P is produced naturally by the body when undertaking Pilates exercises. Extraordinary coincidence, eh? What with me being a Pilates teacher and that. So if you want to beat the January blues, in a manner approved by scientists, mathematicians and Pilates teachers alike, why not join me at one of my online classes?

For more details and to book a class, see the online classes page on my website.

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