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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

What a week it has been, as the career of a former Prime Minister, infamous for parties, scandals, eccentric behaviour and his indecorous love life, came to an abrupt end. Despite defining himself as moderate, liberal and a free trader, he was often described as a populist and Eurosceptic who alienated some of his fellow European leaders. His off-the-cuff comments frequently caused amusement, bemusement and offence in almost equal measure. Theatrical as he was, it's really no great surprise that his exit was a dramatic one and, after leading a nation so steeped in opera, what could be a more fitting end than Silvio Berlusconi's final curtain? Meanwhile, in the UK things have been hotting up this week. After many months of chilly and erratic weather, the summer sun definitely seems to have arrived. As I know that not everyone relishes exercising in hot weather, our Pilates classes this week have featured more stretches and exercises that challenge without generating too much heat. Working on balance, posture and flexibility doesn't have to work up a sweat! Also, don't forget that all my online classes are available as recordings, so you have the option to do the class at a cooler time of day if you wish. The joy of doing Pilates at home is that you can wear what you like (turning the camera off is always an option!), you don't have to travel to get to the class and the contents of the refrigerator are never far away! It would be cool to see you at one of the following:

  • Sunday 09:30-10:45

  • Monday 15:00-16:00

  • Thursday 08:45-10:00

  • Thursday 17:00-18:00

For more details and to book a class, visit the online classes page of my website.

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