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  • Charles Abbott

It was a dark and stormy night

...and the days weren't that great either


Another day, another downpour. With the skies as gloomy as the economic outlook and every patch of grass rendered a paddy field, the great outdoors doesn't feel especially great at the moment. Nobody could blame you for wanting to stay in, batten down the hatches and wait until spring arrives, as bears and hedgehogs do.

Even if you pluck up enough courage to venture out, skirting the puddles and picking your way through the broken umbrellas that litter the pavements like pterodactyl remains, what will you find when (if?) you arrive at your destination? A flooded tennis court? A restaurant in darkness due to a water leak? A post-apocalyptic world where humans have evolved to exist in floating communities, forever seeking the mythical "Dryland"?

Nope. I say you should stay at home, get food delivered and do your exercise online. You really wouldn't want to venture out to a studio, only to find the shoe racks jammed with wellington boots, the coat racks piled high with those hideous Dryrobes (or, as I prefer to think of them: "Shawls of Shame"), the female changing room closed because of a water leak and no hairdryer to be found in the men's (of course).

With a laptop or tablet computer, you will be able to join a class at home, doing the exercises in warmth and comfort, nobody obscuring your view. No soggy changing rooms. No travel. No rain. No tempest. Just the brave new world of Pilates online.

For more details and to book a class, go to the online classes page of my website.

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