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Pilates on the horizon

Perhaps, like me, you're shocked at institutions we once trusted riding roughshod over hardworking members of the community. Maybe your blood boils, as does mine, at stories of huge, well-resourced organisations enforcing punitive contracts on people ill-equipped to defend themselves. How is it possible that so many honest people were effectively gaslighted into believing their financial losses were all their own fault?

Yes, that's right: it is January, the month when heartless gyms and fitness organisations make a fortune flogging contracts and class credits to innocent New Year's Resolutionists, knowing full well that they will only attend for a week or two before realising that those horrible smelly sweatshops are really not their sort of place. But once the classes are bought or the direct debit is signed...

Well, I say: no more! Now that trust in these dubious institutions has been shaken to the core, it is time to take our cores elsewhere.

Here at Charles Abbott Pilates, we don't sell yearly, monthly or even weekly contracts. We just provide an honest pay-for-what-you-use service. Pay for a class, do it. That's the extent of your financial commitment.

So if you're new to online Pilates, decide to try a class and then find it isn't for you, no problem: it cost you exactly one class. If you want to shop around and try out other classes, before realising that there is no finer Pilates available anywhere: that's great. You're free to come and go as you please.  Do some classes, take a break, do more classes whenever you want.

It's the PO you can trust: Pilates Online.

Why not book now for any of this week's classes - no strings attached or, indeed, handcuffs:

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