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New website, same Charles

Change and growth

For the last week or so I've been switching my website to a new provider, a process I can describe as only slightly less excruciating than reading Matt Hancock's WhatsApp messages. Overseas readers wondering "Who is Matt Hancock?" can (a) count themselves lucky, and (b) substitute "Hunter Biden's emails" for this, which gives about the same sense of buttock-clenching ickiness. Regular attendees at my Pilates classes will know by now that I'm less than enamoured of change, and the sort of people who use expressions like "it is only through change that we grow" are liable to get redirected to the "What's my spirit animal?" class next door. Having said all that, I do think that the new website is an improvement on the old one. I have tried to tidy things up a bit here and there, simplifying where I can. You will find a button on the homepage that takes you straight to online class booking, where you will see that the booking links are now buttons too. There is a blog page where I will make copies of my internationally acclaimed newsletter available. Also, I have optimised the website for mobile phones, to make things a bit easier to read and booking a little simpler. Possibly the most noticeable change is that I now seem to have much longer hair than the last time you saw me. There are two possibilities: (a) that I had a hair transplant this week and all this talk of being busy working on my website is just a cover for the operation, or (b) that I only have slightly dated promotional photos. Why not join me at one of my online classes to find out?

For more details and to book a class, use my exciting new website. If it doesn't work, I'll be clenching my buttocks again.

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