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How to conquer at conkers

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is here. It's time to put away summer sports and bring on autumn activities.

Traditional pursuits at this time of year include commenting on how surprisingly early it's getting dark; bemoaning the fact that you've been forced to turn on the central heating sooner than you intended; and expressing disbelief that the football season has started again after what seems like only two weeks of hooligan-free bliss. Thank goodness for wholesome fun like the traditional sport of conkers.

Now, I know that this blog gets read in countries where conkers is not the epitome of intense head-to-head gladiatorial combat that it is here in the UK. To the uninitiated, it might look like you just take two nuts, put them on strings and bash them together until one of them breaks. However, to the British, there is no finer test of your mettle, requiring bravery, arm strength and coordination - not to mention leg strength if someone shouts "stamps!" (but that's advanced-level technique, so let's not go into that).

I feel I should point out that these are all areas we cover in Pilates, so if you'd like to finally be the proud owner of a "sixty-er" (or would just like the powerful arms, strong legs and muscular torso that go with it), you know what to do.

Fortunately, online Pilates is an exercise for all seasons. You can join us from home - no need to brave the wind, rain or snow outside. Whether your goal is to vanquish all comers, or simply to stand a little taller and feel a bit fitter, you'll be welcome at any of my online Pilates classes. For details and to book, click here for the online classes page of my website.

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