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April showers

With spring finally here, I decided to take a short break; all the better to play some tennis and enjoy the improving weather. The only question was: where? The announcement of strikes by airport workers rather put me off flying, so I resolved to stay in the UK. I was tempted by an offer to rent a luxury camper van in Scotland but decided against it as I feared for the internet access in such a dark and distant land (and didn't want to be away from my beloved online students for too long). The south of England is mostly inaccessible, due to roadworks and temporary traffic lights; and so it was that I acceded to the advice of the Northamptonshire Tourist Board and headed off to the sunlit midlands. Before I left, I pre-recorded my Sunday morning class, so that regular attendees don't have to miss out. It was beautifully sunny as I recorded the class; the light streamed in and the glow of my orange mat was something to behold. Would you like to see? If you haven't already, it might be an ideal opportunity to try a recorded class for the first time. I hope you'll find that it can be a really effective way of doing a Pilates class at a time (and place) that suits you. That way, there's no need to miss out on the blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures that I'm sure this weekend will bring. If you book for this Sunday's class, I will send you a link to the recording, in advance of the usual start time. You can access the class for the following seven days. And if you prefer the live experience, I will be back in time for Monday's class so you can admire my midlands tan then or on Thursday. For details and to book, see the online booking page of my website.

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