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Read this to save time

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Or, if you're really serious, don't read it: just skip to the end, click the link and book a class

The evenings are drawing in. I know it seems like spring was only last week (I distinctly remember the April showers) but I'm sorry to report that it is definitely getting dark earlier. In the depths of winter, London gets around nine hours less daylight per day than in summer, so time is of the essence. We need to start thinking of ways to make the most of the daytime. Hmmmm...let me think... How about saving the time spent travelling to exercise classes? You can join an online Pilates class from the comfort of your own home, cutting the commute time from hours to seconds. Why suffer a lengthy battle with the bus or tangle with the tube when the solution is just a quick internet connection away? This Monday is Summer Bank Holiday (a public holiday in England and Wales where, ironically, autumn seems just around the corner). I will nevertheless be teaching my 3pm class on Monday as usual so, if you'd like to do a Pilates class without going anywhere, why not join me?

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