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The secret to happy holidays

Looking forward to getting away this summer? I thought not. Which is why I have put together a collection of exercises to help you survive the unpleasant and arduous experience that is going on holiday: Standing exercises With UK airport staff announcing strike action, you'll most likely be doing a lot of standing around in the terminal. The perfect time to practise some of the standing exercises that usually begin my classes. Seated exercises As above, but if you've been lucky enough to find a seat at the departure gate. Unlikely, of course, but you never know. And with the European air traffic controllers going on strike, you might be there for a while. Elbow circles and arm openings Handy for getting to the front of the queue, in the unlikely event that your flight is ever called. Rotational exercises Useful for safely removing luggage from the carousel, assuming it arrives with you at your destination (see airport staff industrial action above). The sunblock exercise Just in case you do get to the beach, I have been including this exercise in my classes since hearing about the 40C temperatures in parts of the Mediterranean. So, in summary, the secret to surviving a holiday is preparation with Pilates. If you need a reminder of these or any other exercises, now would be the perfect time to book my online classes before you travel. If you're departing soon, don't worry: just because you are away doesn't mean you have to miss out. You can join an online class from anywhere with an Internet connection. If it is too hot during the day to contemplate doing anything other than sit under a parasol and read the latest Richard Osman, don't forget that my online classes are available as recordings, so you always have the option to do a class at any time you wish. Maybe I will see you at one of my online Pilates classes, attending from somewhere exotic. Gatwick? Heathrow? Luton?

For more details and to book a Pilates class, see the online classes page of my website.

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